As a referral from a good friend, your diligent efforts and Tech Support accomplished more than I ever expected. Working with my Dell XPS T600MHz/64MB, 56K Dial-up Pentium 3, a 256 cache and 8xDVD, you were able to make the necessary changes and brought me into the 21st Century. You were able to up-grade the Processor to 900MHz, install a CD/DVD Burner, add an additional Firewall, add 512MBs of memory, clean up the system internally and go from Windows 98 to Microsoft XP, and eliminate the need for Dial-up in favor of SBC DSL. Doing your Homework, working interactively with both Dell and SBC Tech Supports, enabled you to stay the course, make the correct changes, find the right sources, and finish every thing we talked about @ the Price we talked about. Your not my Tech-Boy, your my #1 TECH-MAN and new FRIEND.

Larry W.

Hello Eric,

As always, your service today (installing DSL) was impeccable.... I'm always appreciative of expert attention to detail as well as informative communication.

Debbi Tempel
Tempel Typographics
Graphic Design and Printing Services
(916) 990-0690

Hi Eric:

Just wanted to know my computers are singing and boy are they quick since you came over last week and worked on them.

Walt T.

Subject: A job well done

I really appreciate the work you did on my computer. I especially appreciate your patience and persistence.

Warren W.

Tech-Boy has been there for every Computer Problem I've had and I think I've had about every thing. Tech-Boy Computer Solutions is fast, reliable, and they don't hurt your pocket book. Highly recommend for any computer problem or just a good ole tune up. Great Bunch of guys.
Thanks for all your help and rescues.

Laurie Mendoza
Your Served Process Service

Eric........Know matter what, you always have the time to talk. I would have never been able to do what I did yesterday without all your advice and services. I think that I ended up spending more than I had expected, but I have NO regrets. Now I'm excited and think Patrick will like the idea. To think that three years ago we did not have a computer or internet. Now we are going to have our own little network !!!! That sounds so- so- so- professional. I will let you know when the tracking gets close. Thank you for being available.


Hi Eric,

I just wanted to thank you again for your service. You were very profession, gave great service, and saw the project through to the end in a timely manner (we don't always get that!). I will definitely refer you to anybody who would need your services.

Thanks again,

Robyn & Bill
California Auto Repair Service
2609 Fulton Ave
Sacramento, CA 95821

PS: And we'll call you to come out and "fix" our home computer!

Dear Eric:

I am so pleased and relieved to have found you as a service. You are obviously skilled and knowledgeable in being able to fix my computer through through the Internet. You are dedicated because you were willing to do it after business hours. Your prices were quite reasonable; about half of what other national companies wanted to charge me. I am glad to have found a local guy to help me and will certainly be using you again and recommending you to my friends. Tech-Boy Rocks!

Peter W.
Davis, CA

Regarding the service I received from Tech-Boy, I was very pleased. The same day service really helped me insure my small business was not going to suffer from this technical situation. The technician was very professional and very knowledgeable. Within 1 hour my system was back in business and also received a tune-up in the originally quoted price.

Jim L. Schmidt
JLS Travel Guitars


I just want to express my appreciation for your wealth of knowledge of the tech world, your patience, your professionalism, and your easy going demeanor. You're the best!

Thank you,

I really appreciate how you make yourself available to our every whim & whimper. You truly are a person who loves his work and cares about his customer. You should be named Tech-Boy of the month employee. In our eyes you are Tech-Boy of the year.

Thank You,
Stephanie D.

Just a note to convey my appreciation for the 'above & beyond' work you did for me. YOU ARE MY HERO!! As I mentioned, I used to buy a new computer every year 'til I retired. There always seems to be too much month at the end of the money these days. Since you performed your magic, my 3-year-old computer THINKS it's new. If only plastic surgeons gave senior discounts on face-lifts

...This little old lady is EXTREMELY happy and will recommend you with no reservations!!

Cynthia W.

Thank you for giving me Beau. He's been by a couple of times, has been very professional, and has been very patient with a technology challenged old guy. He represents your company well and I would recommend Tech-Boy and Beau to anyone with a computer problem.


Tim Moore

I am a complete dummy with my computer besides being a senior citizen. Your Tech-Boy Ty came out today to help me uninstall and reinstall my security system. He did what was asked of him and allowed me some time to ask questions about some things I didn't understand. He spoke to me in language that I could understand and made me feel very comfortable. It was a great experience for me and I thank you for your service. What a nice young man he was.

Karen S.

Many thanks for sending Ty out to repair and remove a Trojan from my computer on Thursday April 9, 2009. The guy really knows his stuff.

You should be hearing from a co-worker who is also having problems with his PC.

Thanks again

I had some computer problems that needed to be fixed. I called your office on Monday, and on Tuesday morning, they sent over one of your Technicians, Vince to take care of it. I was very impressed at his knowledge on both software and hardware. He went beyond and diagnosed the problem much, much better than I had expected. I wanted to let you know that he is one of the better Technical computer repair person that I have ever come across. I truly wanted to tell you that I would rate him better than excellent. If I needed Technical help again, I would insist that you send him over to us again.

I really appreciated how he repaired my computer and it is running better than it has ever run before. I had 2 computers in my home office and they are both functioning better than I had ever hoped. Thanks, again. Please let him know that I had put in a good word for him.

I will definitely recommend him to my friends in Rocklin and in the Sacramento area. Have a good day! Thank you, Robyn for picking him and sending him over to me.

Vincent A.
Rocklin, CA

Thank You. Once again. Saved the computer. Ty was, as always, patient and thorough.

I am very appreciative of the level of service we receive each and every time I speak with Eric on the phone as well as when Ty comes out to the house..

Thank you all very much.

Thank you for making my life easy. One call, next day and I'm working again! Your professional service can't be beat.
Beth Mora

I just had my computer fixed from a nasty Malware. Tech-boy's Mobil Tech did a great job rescuing my Win XP. I highly recommend this Tech-Boy Franchise in Citrus Heights. They were courteous and and even pleasant when I offered my stupid Lo-Tech remarks. They are not cheap but very fair. I think that they service both Windows and Mac.

Jerry B.


Want to give an atta-boy to Dean who came out yesterday to fix my problem. Was prompt, efficient, polite and thorough. Kudos to him and to the company for having him, on its staff.
Thank you
Chuck B.

Eric, I have known you for at least 15 years and maybe longer, you are one of the best computer person that I have known. Your expertise, integrity and mostly patience, you have experience with seniors and a great passion to serve them, since most of us are not a computer generation. You have always been there for me. Thank you and God bless you, always.